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Our snow tractors offer the best snow blowing service available. We won't wreck your lawn like snow plows will. Our snow tractors make driveways safer and do a better job. Let us prove it!

Snow Removal Services - snow tractors

If you're tired of snow plows driving on your lawn and ruining it, not to mention piling up high snow banks along and at the ends of your driveway, give us a call! High piles of snow are a safety hazard and prevent you from seeing oncoming traffic as you are backing out of your driveway. Also who wants to always fix the lawn damage in the spring from what the snow plow has done. We can solve those problems along with giving you the most cost effective and efficient way to clear snow from your driveway. It's not too late to take advantage of our services, Call now, 218-454-0604 or get a free quote!

* At this time we only service accounts in Baxter, North Town area of Brainerd and along East Gull Lake Drive. Check back with us every year as our routes are growing.

residential Snow blowing Service

Our snowblowers offer the best method of removing snow from your driveway. Our snow tractor and inverted snow blower does the job right. So much better than a snow plow and it saves you money! Give us a call to see how you can get the best snow removal service in the Brainerd Lakes Area, 218-454-0604.

Snow Blowing Benefits

Why get up an hour or more before you have to go to work to fight your snowblower? Then try and start it up, go out and get all snowy, fight the freezing temperatures, clean your driveway, then go back in the house, take a shower and finally get ready for work. Then back out your driveway, just in time for the city snow plow to come along and close in the end of your driveway. But that's not all, when you get home from work you will have to fight that snowblower again, then clean out the end of your driveway once again. How much better would've it been to have spent your time preparing for work or spending time with your family and kids or just maybe sleeping in? 

Get a "Piece of Mind" knowing that our snow blowers will get there and get it done, even if you get out before the tractor gets it done, it will be done before you come home.

Best Snow Removal System in Brainerd Lakes AreaBest Snow Removal System in Brainerd Lakes Area

Best Snow Removal Service

We provide residential snow blowing services using a tractor and an inverted snowblower. No other snow removal service does it better.

Being a snow removal customer of ours means that after every official snowfall of 2 inches or more we will automatically show up and remove the snow from your driveway and walkways (if requested), There is no need to call us, we automatically take care of it.

Areas We Service

We have three snow routes that we service; city limits of Baxter, North Town area of Brainerd and East Gull Lake Drive. We have been expanding our routes every year so if you are not within these areas please check back with us next year. Our tractors do not do dirt driveways.

Snow Removal Service Plans, (November 1 - April 15)

We offer two snow plan options; a Per Visit Plan or a Seasonal Plan.

Per Visit Plan
With our Per-Visit Plan you pay only for the times that it snows 2 inches or more. Get a FREE Estimate!

Seasonal Plan
With our seasonal plan you have the opportunity to save money. The seasonal contract has one fixed reasonable cost for the entire 5-1/2 month season, November 1 - April 15. No matter how many times it snows, our tractors clear your driveway when there is 2 inches of snow or more, no extra hidden costs. No surprise charges, no charges for return trips, I guarantee that your driveway will be cleared.

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