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Our deicing service will keep your driveway and walkway from being an accident waiting to happen.
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residential Driveway & Walkway Deicing service

Liquid deicing service Baxter and Brainerd

Our liquid ice control service will make your driveway safe this winter. It takes care of and removes any slippery spots so you can be assured that your driveway and walkways are save to walk and drive on.

Our deicing service can be applied to driveways that have had the snow removed and do not have a hard pack of snow already built up on the driveway.

We use a Liquid Ice Control Program

We offer a clear and odorless anti-icing pre or post storm treatment for your driveway and walkways. Our product has been tested and proven to be effective to -25F. We can treat driveways and walkways before or after a storm.

Deicing service in Brainerd Lakes Area.
Driveways that have been deiced
Driveway with no deicing service.
Driveways that have not been deiced
Compare our liquid deicing service.
Compare left driveway (no deicing) to right driveway (liquid deicing service applied)
Create a safe driveway this winter.
Deiced driveway in Baxter, MN
Deicing service creates a safe driveway.
Liquid deicing service in Baxter, MN

How effective is it?

When applied before a storm it will not allow the ice and snow to bond to the concrete or asphalt. This makes post storm clean-up easy. With a natural fertilizer it is the environmental choice in snow and ice removal. When applied after a storm it melts and removes slippery surfaces down to the hard surface.

Safe winter driveways with liquid deicing service

Here is why we use a liquid ice control service:

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