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Sports field management

We offer a number of lawn care services that keep athletic fields and school properties looking great all season.
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Athletic Field Maintenance

Our goal is to help turf managers keep their athletic fields healthy, weed-free and green with a thick grass turf. We provide turf with adequate nutrition and weed control to promote turf density and improve athletic field safety and playing conditions. The more a field gets used the more condensed the turf becomes which makes it more and more difficult to keep a healthy turf.

We provide the following services:

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Maintaining safe sports fields

Soil Properties

The amount of water, air and nutrients available for plant growth is affected by the soil physical properties and turf management practices that include watering, mowing, and aerifying and how much the fields are used.  We can do soil testing to determine the physical properties of your soils that will help you determine how to manage them effectively.

Choosing Grasses

In our part of the country cool season grass species used for sports fields include Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass and tall fescue. These grasses are able to withstand traffic (wear and tear) and stress (from drought and heat), recovery from field use, good color, desirable growth characteristics, resistance to pest pressure (insects, weeds and diseases) and maintenance requirements. We can help overseed athletic fields with the these grass types.


We help turf managers provide adequate nutrition that promotes turf density and in turn improve field safety and playing conditions. We can do routine soil testing that provides baseline information on the phosphorus, potassium status, pH and organic matter content.


Grass cannot recuperate quickly enough when used for games, practices, gym class and other school activities. So overseeding must be done on a routine basis if there is any chance of providing a dense, more uniform, and safe playing surface. Overseeding is the periodic application of seed to an existing turf to improve turf density. A widely accepted concept is that 25 events on a native soil football field is the limit for optimum turfgrass recovery.


Foot traffic from athletes and vehicular traffic cause soil compaction, which results in surface puddling and runoff. Compaction reduces access to water, nutrients and oxygen necessary for plant growth. Compaction also makes it difficult for added amendments like lime and fertilizer to reach the root zone. We offer the aeravating, which is the best method of reducing compacted soils. It gives all the benefits of aerating without the mess of cores. It gives turf managers the ability to allow athletes to immediately use the turf after it being aeavated.

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