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Our turf care services will take your residential or commercial lawn to the next level.
Residential Lawns
We don't just offer a service, we work with our residential customers  to give them the best lawn possible.
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Commercial Lawns

We work with commercial, school, or government organizations to help them get a great lawn year after year.

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Residential snow blowing Service
We offer the best snow removal service available. We service customers in the city limits of Baxter and along the southeast corner of Gull Lake. Get More Details >>
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Residential Deicing Service
Get protection from slips and falls with our liquid deicing service.
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Client Portal

It's easy for customers to make a payment, ask a question, view all open requests, update their credit card and/or your contact information using our Client Portal.

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We work hard at not only providing the best results but also at communicating with you.

Winter Snow Removal Services - snow tractors

If you're tired of snow plows driving on your lawn and ruining it, not to mention piling up high snow banks along and at the ends of your driveway, give us a call! High piles of snow prevent you from seeing oncoming traffic as you are backing out of your driveway and who wants to always fix the lawn damage in the spring from what the snow plow has done. We can solve those problems along with giving you the most cost effective and efficient way to clear snow from your driveway. It's not too late to take advantage of our services, Call now, 218-454-0604 or get a free quote!

* At this time we only service accounts on the West side of the Mississippi River, call for details.

Summer Lawn Care Services

Residential and commercial lawn fertilizing

Lawn Fertilizing

Take control of your lawn by controlling what grows in it. Make proper fertilizing and weed control part of your entire plan to keep it looking great all season.

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weed killer, control weeds in your lawn

Weed Control

Adding adequate microbes to your lawn is an important factor in maintaining a great lawn. Microbes make nutrients available to living grass plants.

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treat lawn diseases

Grub Control

Insects and fungicide can create problems with your lawn. If you are seeing patches, rings, or thinning grass we can provide a solution.

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Residential and commercial lawn fertilizing

Soil Conditioning

Your soil needs to consist of all the micronutrients required by mother nature to grow beautiful grass. It requires different care than what your grass & roots require.

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Residential and commercial lawn fertilizing

Disease Control

Lawn diseases occur when environmental conditions (weather, management, and/or site conditions) become favorable for the buildup of the  pathogens.

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Have you ever wondered how the neighbor got his or her lawn looking so beautiful? It just doesn't happen on its own. Your front lawn makes or breaks the first impression someone gets of your home. A beautiful green and healthy lawn starts, literally, from the ground up. It's a combination of a number of things such as aerating, fertilizing, removing thatch and weed build up, proper watering, soil amendments, and microbes in the soil. Contact us to see how we can get and keep your lawn looking great!

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Our goal is to provide lawn services that exceed our customers expectations.

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what our customers say

"Jared's Lawn Care does excellent work! They are always there on-time and on the day they said they would be. They are very polite when I call for any questions and go out of their way to answer and accommodate my lawn care needs. Sometimes even surprised my expectations!! Jared is always polite and has a nice, comfortable way about him and is easy to talk to. But when it came down to business he gets the job done quickly. Cleanliness is 100% and I am always proud of my lawn and excited when I come home from work and it is done. A sigh of relief and I enjoy it. Thanks guys. I love you for making my life so much easier!”
Patti D., Brainerd, MN
"Making the switch from Tru-Green was the best decision I ever made. My lawn has never looked better. Nothing but good things to say about these guys! Nice work fellas!!”
Kevin Y., Brainerd, MN
“We also want to thank both you and Jared for all of the work that you have done on
our property...it is so wonderful!!  We have never seen our property look so great!!  We could not believe the pictures that Jared sent us after all the cleaning out that he did.....fantastic!!!!
Patti W., Nisswa, MN
"Jared has turned my lawn into the pride of the neighborhood. Jared came up with a plan that he recommended to give me a lawn that the neighbors would be jealous of and he did it. What a great young man to work with and is there for his customers when they need him. I highly recommend him for any of your lawn care needs.”
Kurt, H., Baxter, MN