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The Snow Tractors

Residential snow blowing service in Baxter, MN, North Town Area of Brainerd, MN and East Gull Lake Drive, Brainerd, MN.
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We are accepting new snow customers for 2022-23 Winter, call 218-454-0604.

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If you live in the city limits of Baxter, MN, the Northtown area of Brainerd, MN or along East Gull Lake Rd contact us for a FREE Snowblowing Estimate.
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Residential Snow Removal Services

The cold winter months can make it hard to walk outside without slipping and falling. But with our snow removal and deicing services, you'll have confidence that your driveway and walkway is cleared and safe for cars and foot traffic even on icy days!

Residential Snowblowing

Our residential snow removal service consists of large agriculture tractors with inverted snowblowers to clear your driveway. Our snow tractors do a better job at clearing snow from your driveway than a conventional truck and plow.  

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Residential Deicing

Our residential deicing service takes care of and removes any slippery spots on your driveway and walkways. You you can be assured that anyone on your driveway and walkways will be safe.

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our Lawn Care Services

When you become a full season customer of ours we offer the following services to improve and keep your lawn healthy and looking fantastic.

Lawn fertilizing

Our fertilizing program is designed to give your lawn the deep root system it needs in order to be a beautiful green color with a steady slow growth all season long.

Our Turf Program

Weed Control

We can treat and get those nasty broadleaf and grassy weeds under control. We know how to treat the most difficult weeds that Minnesota has to offer.

Weed Control Service

Disease Control

Environmental conditions can create lawn disease in every type of lawn. There are lots of tasks that can be done to prevent them. Our turf care program prevents & treats diseases.

Disease Control Service

Soil Conditioning

With our services we don't just throw down fertilizer to get your lawn to grow. Our real objective is to improve the condition of your soil. Therefore we don't have to use as much fertilizer.

Soil Conditioning Service

Grub Control

Grubs are one of the most common and most damaging lawn pests that your lawn can encounter. Japanese Beetles, June Beetles or Chafers can destroy your lawn if not treated.

Grub Control Service


Aerating a lawn is something that home owners commonly overlook or don't think about. Lawn aeration should be done on a regular basis to give it the ability to help roots grow.

Aerating Service
Our goal is to provide lawn care and snow removal services that exceed our customers expectations.